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P8.1: Decision Making: Process Mapping & Management

An agreed submission date for the formal application should have been set in advance, as part of pre application discussions, to enable the Local Authority to prepare for receipt, administration and processing. The case officer for the application should have ideally been identified in advance and an application reference number allocated if this is possible.

Current legislation and regulations specify minimum requirements in order for a submission to be accepted as valid. The complex nature of large development projects is such that a comprehensive set of documents and information may be required to address all the issues involved. Similarly the publicity and consultation arrangements are likely to be extensive and go beyond minimum statutory requirements.

On the basis that the required application documents have been identified and agreed in advance, and that other proactive administrative preparations by both the applicant team and the Local Planning Authority team have taken place, the submission should be able to be validated and formally acknowledged in a timely fashion (within 5 working days as a guide).

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