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P7.4: Environmental Statement

It is likely that many larger scale applications will be subject to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and require the preparation and submission of an Environmental Statement (ES). The relationship between the formal EIA process and the stages set out in this Guide is explained in more detail in the supporting Topic Zone.

Testing the environmental impact of proposals should occur throughout the design process and therefore the ES should inform the evolution of proposals and not merely assess the impact of the preferred outcome. It should also demonstrate how alternatives have been assessed as part of the process. 

The ES will draw together the findings of technical studies and discussions with consultees into a detailed review of the environmental effects of the project.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to prepare the submitted ES and present the information in a comprehensive, clear and objective manner for review by the planning authority, statutory consultees and public.

There are no statutory requirements concerning the form of an ES but it must contain information as set out in relevant Regulations described in Planning Policy Guidance (PPG). Overall, the final format and content of the ES should reflect and address issues raised through the EIA process.

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Advisory Team for Large Applications (ATLAS), 2017