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Process Zone

ProcessThe 'Process Zone' part of this Guide presents a step-by-step process in relation to taking a large  and complex development project through the planning process from inception through to implementation. Stakeholders would need to consider this advice with reference to their own particular circumstances. It is not intended to be either prescriptive or definitive, and hence should be flexed to fit different project needs and circumstances.

It is based upon a series of key stages, and illustrates a range of issues that need to be considered and addressed, together with advice on how best to go about this. It is based upon the experience of the Advisory Team for Large Applications (ATLAS) in assisting the public and private sectors in bringing forward live development proposals, and also includes references to other key organisations/documents that contains useful information.

A summary of the key stages and what is covered by each of them is illustrated below. It is anticipated that users will need to navigate their way through the process chain and contribute their knowledge and experiences in relation to key issues by adding comments and asking questions.

Process Zone Stages

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