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A3.5: Using Resources Efficiently & Effectively

The ability to commit time and resources to major projects is an issue for many Local Authorities and other stakeholders, in particular where there is limited experience of large development projects and no established Major Applications team or set of procedures. This has become even more challenging since the economic downturn and with recent budget constraints.

ATLAS’ experience has identified that in many cases concerns over resources are more related to confidence rather than real problems in ability. Whilst recognising resources and skills are real issues for many Authorities, it is also necessary to weigh up the alternative of not committing up front to address issues, influence and evolve acceptable scenarios. This scenario would result in a more pressured decision making environment, likely delay and uncertainty.

The project management process should be used to ensure that the resources available are used efficiently and effectively. Use can be made of appropriate third party support including bodies such as ATLAS, PAS and Design Council/CABE, and/ or external independent consultant project support.

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Advisory Team for Large Applications (ATLAS), 2017